The application round for ERASMUS+ exchange studies on 2022/23 will be held in February 2022.

Applications for ERASMUS+ traineeship are accepted on an ongoing basis. More information on the General rules page.

  • Available to EKA students that have finished 1st year of BA
  • MA students can also participate in Erasmus during their 1st year
  • Students with special needs can apply for additional support
  • You can also go on Erasmus+ during your academic leave or extension

Research programmes

Before enrolling in Erasmus+ studies, you should research available programmes that suit you the most.

Available scholarship programmes:

  • ERASMUS+ for exchange studies and traineeships in the EU
  • ERASMUS+ Credit Mobility for exchange studies outside EU in partner universities
  • NORDPLUS for exchange studies in Nordic-Baltic partner universities

If Erasmus+ is the one you want, continue with these steps to apply for it.

Choosing a partner university

There are many Partner Universities with different professions. Learn about them and think about what it is you’d like to study there. Choose three partner universities you’d like to apply to. This selection will help you fill in the Application Form.

You can look up different available Erasmus+ programme Partner Universities at the Find The University page.
You can ask for information from International Office, should there be any questions regarding the Information of Partner Universities.

Application form

To officially apply to the Erasmus+ programme, the student must fill out the
application Form.

Link your Motivational Letter and Portfolio in the last step of the Application Form. At the steps of listing Partner Universities, fill in the names of the programmes you want to be a part of.

Wait for the answer

Wait for an answer to your application from the International Office.

The International office may require some students to redo their Portfolio and/or Motivational Letter.

If the number of submitted applications exceeds available places, the decision will be made by the scholarship committee. The committee will consider the portfolio and motivation letter, and preference is given to students that are further into their studies (i.e 3rd year students are preferred over 2nd year).

Students can send the application exclusively after the International Office has nominated you to Partner University.