Nordplus is a network between partner universities, which allows BA and MA students to apply for study mobilities within speciality networks in Nordic-Baltic region.

Design: CIRRUS
Fine Arts: KUNO
Architecture: Nordic Academy of Architecture
Art Pedagogy: EDDA Norden
Conservation and Cultural Heritage: Nordic-Baltic Network in Engineering

Mobility types

  • Express mobility 1-3 weeks
  • Short term mobility 1-2 months
  • Long term mobility 3-12 months


  • Subsistence per week:70-100 € (5 to 7 days are count as 1 week)
  • Subsistence per day: 20 € (if days are added to weeks)
  • Subsistence per month: 200 € (if mobility is longer than 5 weeks)

In addition, each participant will receive travel support: 330 € (except 660 € to Iceland)

Most of the partner universities in the Nordplus network are also EKA’s Erasmus+ partners or at least EKA has a deal of using the Erasmus+ funding in case there are students who would like to apply to non-Erasmus+ partners (and conclude the agreement if necessary). The reason for this is the fact that Erasmus+ funding is higher than Nordplus.